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Coaching application powered by e-khool LMS platform augments the user’s preferences with personalized content delivery for an immersive experience. The online coaching based on LMS software online academy builds the confidence level of the learner. The one-to-one online coaching provides 100% attention by the trainer with fewer distortions. Online coaching is cost-effective, and it supports reaching the goal with increased confidence and mental flexibility.

Self-reliant: Online coaching powered by e-khool LMS develops the thinking capability and thus strengths the learner in particular field. The inner confidence is developed through online coaching, and the activities provided by the learning management system improves the self-worth that makes to decide on own by developing the leadership quality.

Act towards the goal: Online coaching of the e-khool learning management system makes the learner act towards the goal. Online coaching provides strong motivation to achieve the goal through the experts in the LMS software online academy.

Deep level of learning: The online learning platform helps learners obtain in-depth knowledge in a particular field through the experts in that area by the learning management system to achieve higher levels of effectiveness. E-khool based online learning platform helps to makes the learner master in the particular field.

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