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Suresh paadasaalai with e-khool LMS: Anywhere - Anytime learning solution is an ultimate mantra for the job seekers to fulfil their dream

Suresh IAS Academy is a center for effective learning through organized and methodical classroom sessions that enables a candidate to cross the barrier with ease. Suresh IAS Academy is the most trusted coaching center for TNPSC and Bank Exams. They proved to have the best talent and they have dedicated and trained staff, aptly good enough to the skill sector they serve. They adopt selection methodologies, designed specifically for each skill and make use of the millennial generation's career aspirations. Their comprehensive training programs, developed through rigorous research by experienced subject-matter experts, help craft the careers of thousands of students. They build each program to help students define and shape their destinies. They help them make each dream become a reality. Thousands of students have achieved success and realized their dream jobs after joining their various competitive training classes.

Problem / Pain Points

What made them move to online coaching?

Suresh IAS Academy has been in the field for 20 years with over 25,000 students placed in government positions. Organizing offline courses for all these learners, they struggle to manage a lot of test batches and deliver useful shortcut techniques. However, when technology evolves, they try to move from online courses to global reach and wanted to attract more learners throughout the cities of India. So, they started looking for advanced and user-friendly e-learning software to manage all of their 25,000 offline learners and attract more online learners from other cities in India.

Why YouTube is not the right place to do online courses?

Suresh IAS Academy has covered distance training/education by posting their learning content as videos through social media platforms like YouTube. While, they face issues such as, not being able to interact directly with learners when doing a live YouTube session, they cannot share course materials on YouTube and facing difficulty in taking the online exam on YouTube. Finally, they decided that YouTube is not the right place to provide online courses for students. To accomplish these requirements, they started looking for an e-learning management system with which they can share content, online tests and interactive lessons directly with their own branded mobile app.

How the LMS software can manage multiple branches and learners of different locations under one portal?

Suresh IAS academy has several branches located in Tuticorin, Tirunelveli, Ramanathapuram and Madurai. All these branches of Suresh IAS academy are expertise in coaching competitive exams like TNPSC, BANKING, SSC, POLICE, TET, TRB, RAILWAY and FOREST. The different courses are offered by each of the different branches of the Suresh IAS academy. Therefore, they would require an LMS solution that can manage all these branches and learners under a single dashboard.

The Customized solution offered through the online learning management system:

To concentrate on the problems faced, e-khool LMS is delivered with more customized way to satisfy all of their requirements. The following are the more important specialized features delivered for them.

  1. Website builder
  2. Live class with Microsoft Team
  3. Online exam
  4. Customized Mobile app
  5. Book tracking option

Website builder

A website builder is a tool that allows them to create a website without coding experience. Online website builders are web-based and allows them to create and edit your website directly on the server. e-khool offer the same for Suresh IAS Academy to customize their course homepage.

Live class with Microsoft Team

Suresh IAS Academy will conduct live online classroom for their students to resolve their doubts and provide solutions to all their queries. e-khool platform helps them run a virtual classroom for their learners. The platform is interoperable with third-party integrations, as e-khool integrated with Microsoft teams for the virtual classroom.

Online exam

Suresh IAS academy are very professional in providing online tests to their learners. They provide 3-4 weekly tests for all learners and they need to store all of their questions in a single dashboard. So, e-khool solution helps them to store all the questions which will be single choice, multiple-choice, subject type and fill in the blank. LMS is capable of of providing 10,000 learners to take the exam at the same time.

Mobile app

e-khool offers them a branded mobile app with all the expected features. The mobile app is very user-friendly and learners can take their exams, they can read their content and also join the virtual class with the app. The mobile app was very user-friendly and they can learn any where and any time.

Book tracking option

Suresh IAS academy team has issued a request with the option to track the delivery status of books. This allows learners to retrieve the delivery status of their books using this tracking number. These tracking numbers are uploaded to the platform and each learner will receive an email notification with the tracking URL and tracking ID. So, the learners can easily track their books by using their tracking information and start learning offline along with online.

Client Testimonial:

"The best learning management systems that can be customized with our own design and the features they offered are very unique and easy to use. The platform offers a completely white-labelled and branded solution that feels like your own branded LMS and mobile application."

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