Star School

Star School : An instant solution for the student assessment improve the skill training of students with e-khool LMS software

e-khool offers all of the same features as traditional classroom training but without the headaches. Some key e-benefits are that e-khool enables us to deliver classroom training with a live trainer but without the hassle of setting up a physical venue that requires maintenance, equipment, heating, etc. In the current Covid situation, that isn't practical either.

Challenges faced in skill training:

Star School contained adequate number of trainer who had a solid base of knowledge in their expertise area and this expertise was more imperative for strengthening the engineers by offering skill training. However, the trainer required to be mastered for implementing the elegant pedagogy wherein they needed extra talents like assessing skills, facilitation skills, thinking skills, computer skills and assessing with evaluating skills to comprehend the learners. However it was not adequate, if the trainer had knowledge regarding the subjects alone.

Hence, AI-based learning analytics is needed in the education for understanding and boosting the learners and it is considered as a major issue in the process of combining analytical study in the classroom-based circumstances.

Star School had adequate number of industry specialized persons for solving the Skills Mismatch whose goal is to involve industry expertise with educational faculties. Despite they had beer industry contacts; they find it complex in fetching the industry professionals into on campus for initiating the training process.

Meanwhile, the focus was given to technical skills wherein employer believed to have behavioral skills too. As per the India Hiring Intent survey, the owner focused on skills such as communication, domain expertise, honesty, integrity values, adaptability and interpersonal skill and learning attitude. When Star school tried to cover these professionals into its prospectus, they experience complexity while bringing the behaviors skilled professional and technical, industry at common place within course duration due to their busy schedules.

Solutions offered through the online learning management system:

The three imperative issues confronted by Star school were successfully addressed by e-khool LMS by offering solution through online learning management tools that obtain mostly from the automation and centralization of functions that accumulate from devising almost any type of enterprise model.

Effective Learning Assessment: The learning management models acted as a centralized source to distribute information and knowledge. The in-built learning analytics comprehend the learners by AIRA assistant where it is simple to evaluate learning levels on an entity basis and mechanize grading. Thus, the organization can facilitate learners improvement from study delivery and learning materials with course completion end.

Management of Time and Money: The learning management model provides ubiquitous flexibility and can be distributed to students and employees based on their expediency. Thus, these virtual classrooms could save money by minimizing costs of transportation and time-away-from-work costs. The money exhausted on printing paper material, renting lecture theatres, and other pertinent costs can be saved.

Minimized Dependency and Flexible Access for Learners: An effective LMS model states that learners can have flexible admittance to program and it is revealed that classroom interactions are no longer trapped inside hard copies of course material.

Client Testimonial:

"The e-khool learning system is very user-friendly and it imperatively enhanced the present training process. The thing that makes it interesting is customer service, which takes time to sit with a client and assist them with their requirements. Moreover, it offers all information at one place and thus effectual learning is possible with these sophisticated technologies. The system is very simple to configure and use, and the service and support has been truly exceptional. The most mesmerizing point is that the e-khool can manage 50000 concurrent users in an effective manner through advanced sophisticated framework. "

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