The Scholar

The scholar: We, easily started an online academy for the software courses and hassle-free management of our students

The Scholar is an enterprise for empowering the youth and other by offering employable skills particularly through IT and allied sectors and addressed the issues confronted by Indian IT companies. The Institute offers modular training and certification amongst huge variety of employable skills. The Institute's unique training method is devised to deliver skills with scale, speed and standards.

Challenges faced in skill training

The training of skills by Scholar is devised for offering skilled employees using the targeted training wherein they require maximizing the knowledge and potential for meeting the explicit needs of their job positions. The issues confronted in skill development are illustrated below.

Inadequate capacity: The present infrastructure amenities accessible in educational organizations through the country are insufficient, which desired for skilled labour. There are not many trained and highly skilled trainers obtainable in their position. The faculties required to be motivated and skilled for taking high liability

Mobilization: The viewpoint of people linked using the skill growth is still very classical. The student’s enrollment for training and vocational education has become tremendously complex process.

Scalability: Any model to be triumphant required huge support from various stakeholders. As there is less buy-in from commercial sector, the progression of these initiatives became slow.

Skills Mismatch: There exist huge problems based on the skills required by the industries and skills imparted by training and educational institutions. Thus, there is deficiency of industry-faculty communication as of which the skills sets offered by educational and training institutes does not ended up for addressing the requirements of employers. Hence, the people may not get employment though they are skilled. It became tremendously imperative that the industry experts are also involved in designing skill development curriculum.

Solution offered through online learning management system

The five imperative issues faced by Scholar are successfully addressed by e-khool LMS by offering the solutions via online learning management system.

The AI-based exam hall brings the opportunity in designing good clinician such that the clinician has more confidence in the schedule through online mode of examination. Al-hiba enjoys the exam portal provided by e-khool to analyze the learner's performance.

  • e-khool LMS offered one stop solution for avoiding face-to-face training on weekends or after-hours and limited travel needs for training.
  • e-khool LMS adapted micro-learning method and delivered functional and pertinent content in bite-sized chunks. Here, the shorter videos, info-graphics, checklists and even gifs are easy which made the training to be more simple and easy task.
  • The communication of various concepts can be covered at once through smart graphics. It is a precious and time-saver for learners and welcome break from reading texts in newsletters, emails, and reports
  • Prioritize short and simple appraisal whenever possible and it offers employees with rapid opportunities for feedback on learning development.
  • Optimize mobile training: The mobile feature allowed the learners for accessing LMS and training materials any time and from anywhere that involves on the train to work or during lunch break, which made the training more expedient.

Client Testimonial:

"e-khool has been an outstanding in handling and developing an online personalized learning course for helping students. They are highly responsive and helpful and is highly professional in responding to feedback and offer recommendations for enhancement. They provided technical support to help us to resolve any technical issues that we have with a product or service. Moreover, our queries are accurately and quickly solved with the technical clarifications through telephone enquiries and emails."

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We believe that together with our customers, we are creating a new generation of learning platforms fuelled by artificial intelligence and micro-services architecture.