RPA central school

RPA central school : e-khool offered school LMS solution for digital learning when everyone struggles with covid pandemic

The R.P.A Central (CBSE) School is a shrine of learning that well promotes the education with visionary teachers as friends, philosophers, mentors and inspiration leaders.The administration comprised of devoted, experienced, NRI scientists and inspiring academicians with rich and proven educational records and enviable legacy and service to the cause of humanity.

Challenges faced by schools and its solutions

The administration of R.P.A central school needs an effectual learning platform to manage during the time of covid-19. A major challenge lies in managing the high school, departments and campuses by bringing together to achieve the mission in the online-based school management. However, transforming the schools system with high technology-enabled automation tools makes the academic and administrative processes easier. The issues faced by the R.P.A school management are illustrated below.

Paper-based processes: A major problem associated is that the R.P.A central school management was troubled by burdensome paperwork and manual processes. They also find it difficult to maintain the records related to attendance, fees, admissions, transport, etc., and track the details they require.

Online Registration: Many of the students from the R.P.A central school are not interested to pay the fees by standing in queue for hours. However, they are interested to make the registration and fee collection process using online forms, with the facility to send SMS, instant notifications, alerts and reminders through email, alerts and push notifications from the mobile devices.

Admission & Enrollment: A major challenge associated with the R.P.A central school is that it is very complex to achieve the targets related to admission and enrollment processes. However, the admission and enrollment process information can be effectively managed by aligning people, processes and technology with simple & user-friendly cloud-based education solution.

Course Management: A course curriculum is needed by the R.P.A central school for adapting the changing needs of the institution. A major challenge lies in developing a course management system for the central school to achieve better performance with limited resources.

Teacher Evaluation: Evaluating the progression of the teachers is one of the main challenges in R.P.A central school. It involved tracking the performance of the teachers and also in determining the effectiveness of the teachers work. This improved the communication and collaboration between evaluators and teachers. However, the student's feedback measures the performance of the teacher in the classroom and also the automated evaluation process may improve the student learning skills, achievement and success.

Solution offered through online learning management system

The major challenges faced by the RPA central school in transforming their traditional education into online learning due to covid -19 is effectively solved using e-khool lms.

A centralized learning platform: e-khool lms provides integrated training materials, well-designed development plans, resources, and assessment results to be fully stored within just one single and consolidated system. The storing of all the training information in one system saves the time for learning, especially in creating updates and adding contents. In addition, students are taught with the most updated version of their course or training materials to offer them a better learning environment. A centralized repository ensures reliability with respect to delivery and evaluation of contents. Finally, e-khool lms makes it feasible for the school administration to achieve advanced reporting as well as data analytics.

Mobile Learning: e-khool mobile application offered to RPA central school provides better learning accessibility and opportunities through any mobile devices. This mobile-based lms software solution manages and deploys the online learning protocols quickly. In fact, our lms systems also introduce courses that have already been created using industry standard formats like SCORM. Learners utilize the LMS solution not only to choose, view and complete their activities based on e-Learning, but also to access the documents they desire. This mobile-based education management system can enhance the communication through SMS, email alerts, instant notifications, and push messages by maintaining the information in every step of the journey to construct a learning relationship among the learners and also to improve the student retention. In addition, the learner without PC or laptop may have smart phone or tablet for any personal purposes or for working purpose. Delivering the contents to these devices enabled the learners to complete their training activities, no matter where they are. Smaller learning “bites” may enhance the retention performance of the students. Finally, an e-khool LMS makes it possible by distributing well formatted contents to any device without any additional development work.

Client Testimonial:

"The e-khool lms system satisfied the learners by resolving the issues faced by the learning management, thereby achieved better learning performances."

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