Phoenix coaching center

Phoenix Coaching center: Ultimate partnership with e-khool LMS software to strengthen the job coaching based online courses

Phoenix Coaching center was established in the year 2016 and it has been mentored by a group of agricultural postgraduates and Ph.D. scholars who are top rank holders of ICAR (AIAEE PG) and Agricultural Research Scientists. The course materials, strategy and offline test series of Phoenix are prepared by a dedicated, highly qualified and experienced team of subject matter specialists aiming for the candidates to score high marks and make them conquer the exam in the first attempt itself.

Challenges faced in coaching:

Phoenix is a dedicated coaching center for farm graduates, especially for those who dream of TN Agricultural Extension Service, TN Horticultural Services, TN Agricultural Extension Sub Ordinate Service, TN Horticultural Sub Ordinate Service, ICAR - JRF/ SRF/ ARS, IBPS SO (Agric) and also Other State Agricultural Extension Service examinations. While moving to modern education, Phoenix coaching center struggle to reach the targeted audience and while providing offline exams the distance education students faced many problems. Some of the major challenges they faced while coaching offline are,

  • Centralized online learning platform
  • Efforts to reach the target audience
  • Maintenance of teaching materials
  • Building a business strategy

To overcome the problems and promote the coaching center and reach the targeted audience, they plan to do online learning with LMS software.

Solutions delivered through an online learning management system:

The main problem faced by Phoenix Coaching Center is successfully addressed by e-khool LMS by providing solutions through an online learning management system.

Mobile Application:

e-khool LMS enables learners to provide well-formatted learning materials with a unique mobile app that allows learners to study their topics at any time.

Virtual Classroom:

Integrating a virtual classroom into the LMS allows them to interact with the learners and reach all the target audience, giving them the flexibility to study learning materials and clear their doubts in live sessions.

Extend Course Duration:

e-khool LMS offers great flexibility in professional learning materials to reach the target audience. The LMS system provides role-based course extension options for each user type.

Analytics and Reporting:

LMS allows them to track the progress of all their students and their overall learning information. Analytics and reporting capabilities provide individual course feedback and highlight areas in courses that should be improved.

Online Course Certificate:

e-khool LMS not only provides the option to upload the learning materials and assessment training for learners, but also offers the possibility to measure course completion certificates online.

Client Testimonial:

"e-khool is one of the best next-generation cloud hosted & mobile-based LMS with over 100 advanced features and the most user-friendly learning applications for students. The most attractive feature of e-khool LMS is the analysis that facilitates the assessment of exam results and tracking of both student and staff activity. With e-khool LMS, creators can launch online courses and even create their own branded mobile apps."

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