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Geo IAS Academy: How Geo IAS academy succeed after conducing coaching courses in e-khool LMS platform

Geo IAS Academy is recognized as one of the leading institutions in India and one stop destination that provides excellent coaching and training thousands of Civil service competitors. The academy has rapid growth over the past few years towards huge success in giving hands to more aspirants to fulfill their dreams of becoming a civil servant and mentoring thousands of candidates to perceive their capability. Moreover, the academy has complacent in serving the nation by creating more efficient leaders to build the nation strongly.

Challenges faced in coaching

Geo IAS Academy was mostly targeted in coaching, which is entirely different from mentoring. Generally, coaching is described as task-oriented, performance-driven and short-term learning procedure and it is purely non-directive in nature. On the other hand, mentoring is relationship-oriented, development-driven and long-term. Besides, mentorship refers the amount of psychosocial support, role modeling, career guidance and interaction between the mentors and learners is an essential role to boost the learner’s proficiency. Though the Geo IAS Academy is peerless In its own way, but it faced a lot of challenges and still struggled in handling the very short term course due to its non-directive mannerism. In order to promote the growth as well as the relationship of Geo IAS Academy with an infinite number of clients, Geo IAS Academy should ensure the effectiveness of its coaching structure by degrading the obstacles of professionalism.

Solution offered through online learning management system

The scalability issue occurred due to drastic elevation in learner's size was tackled effectively by the GEO IAS ACADEMY because of the certain valuable features provided by the e-khool LMS. The salient features employed by the GEO IAS ACADEMY are listed below.

Content management: e-khool LMS authorizes trainers/ guides of coaching institute to share the learning materials between courses and upload the learning materials from the web.

Assessment management: This feature mainly comprises with automatic updating of questions and automatic manual marking, which completely deteriorates the manual effort for GEO IAS ACADEMY.

Grading and feedback tools: This feature has the potential to monitor student submissions and generate student reports automatically.

Progress data and analytics: AIRA-based learning analytics offered by e-khool LMS has the capability to monitor the improvement level of students and identifies the obstacles present in individual learning and provided a set of customized learning objectives, which diminishes the human effort.

SCORM Complaint: e-khool LMS has the potential to communicate over a standard protocol and it gradually decreases the course creation and time effort during publishing.

Blended learning support: One of the effective features is that the service has the potential to record, share, and access automatically the offline events, such as seminars, workshops, demonstrations and it effectively exploited the scheduling scheme.

e-commerce support: The payment gateway and e-commerce services incorporated with our e-khool LMS have the potential to sell educational materials and online courses, trace and updating the status of purchases and also monitor the performance of marketing initiatives.

Client Testimonial:

"I, the Managing Director of GEO IAS ACADEMY - it's very pleasure to thank e-khool Learning Management system for providing such amazing solutions to overcome the hurdles faced by our coaching institutions for the last few years. Moreover, we are heartily thankful to their dedicated services and valuable suggestions, which extents our business ideas and successfully accomplishes our achievements and paved a path for tremendous growth of our coaching institute."

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