AB Patil school

AB Patil school : Easily adopted the digital learning for the school students with LMS software under covid pandemic

AB Patil school has a dream of providing holistic technique, and controls the status among Personality development, Analytical skills and Academics to students. The major inspiration of the school is to develop the upcoming leaders from growing children’s with ethical principles and deep rooted moral by a scientific technique.

Challenges faced by schools and its solutions

The current development move forward the AB Patil School to renovate their habitual educational system with mobile, cloud and digital technologies for enhancing operational effectiveness and handle the institution successfully. The common experimental problems faced during digital transformation and how technological solutions are employed to overcome the problems is listed here:

Communication & Collaboration: There was no platform for providing flawless communication among teachers, staffs, students and administrators. In addition, student's indiscipline problems arise as issue of big communication gap among teachers and students.

Classroom Management Strategy: AB Patil School found complexity for controlling slow learning students and resolving indiscipline behavioral problems.

Student Monitoring: Normally, teachers were struggled more for controlling student's behavior, such as discipline, attendance, assignments and so on. School administrator was lacking in result-based monitoring tools for tracking student development.

Revenue Management: Moreover, revenue management was complex for AB Patil School to handle their finances and follows their contributions and fee collection. AB Patil School effortlessly holds and connects with parents, students and alumni members for strengthening the relationship and constrains bigger achievement.

Forecasting the academic achievement: AB Patil School was not capable for handling the information and endless delay in decision making using absolute analysis.

Solution offered through online learning management system

Learning is not only for working staff. However, delivering e-learning components to an exterior audience without having an LMS is relatively challenging one. An LMS provides you beer flexible delivery medium for your specific content materials to targeted audiences, like members, vendors, partners and customers. Consequently, e-khool LMS formulates it simple for AB Patil School for distributing accurately designed content to any device with no additional enlargement work. Mobile and Web-based education management system, which is present in e-khool LMS, enhances the communication by instantaneous notifications and alerts through push messages, SMS and e-mails to maintain constituent informed at each step of journey to construct relationship and develops student retention.

It enhances the classroom atmosphere with behavior management and discipline tracking system for easily manages slow learning students and uninformed leaves. It modernizes and automates the student attendance system based on student information system, and it delivers real time updation of student behaviors for supporting learning requirements. AI-based dashboard reports and intelligent analytics are valuable indicators for AB Patil School to inspect grades, assignments, attendance, etc and forecast students result. Moreover, based on AI-based data analytics, e-khool LMS helps various institutions for recognize student's risky condition and arrange resources for enhancing success and achievement.

Client Testimonial:

"Communication and collaboration, classroom management strategy, student monitoring, revenue management and forecasting the academic achievement are some challenges faced in our AB Patil School. After using the e-khool LMS, the above challenges are highly solved and students also interested to learn through the LMS."

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