What is LMS software?

The LMS is a system that can be either software application or web based technology utilized for planning, implementing and assessing a smoother learning process. In other words, LMS is a solution for attaining an electronic way of communication amongst students for effective learning. The LMS helps to access the content of learning anytime and anywhere so that the students can complete their learning at their own expediency. The LMS mobile app eases on-go learning anytime, anywhere so that students can complete their courses on their mobile devices at their own convenience while being offline.  The LMS contains user-friendly navigation and customized themes that help to make the learning experience truly your own. The LMS permits students to view multimedia lectures, and exchange information with their teachers and download course materials. The LMS helps to organize learners to keep track of its progress and performance amongst all kinds of training related tasks. The LMS manages learning resources like instructional material fulfilment, registration, and online learning delivery.

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