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The contents provided in this website are not intended for distribution or use by any individual or citizen of any jurisdiction where publication, or distribution would be contrary to law or which would focus e-khool or associate (collectively e-khool) to any registration or authorization within such jurisdiction.

This site is under discussion for making regular update and review to keep the information correct. The materials considered in the site should be current concerning the initial publication date appearing on or following the date mentioned, irrespective of date on which information needs to be accessed. Meanwhile, e-khool uphold the right to remove or alter information on the site without prior notification.

I shall not distribute the copies of this information in any mode, (including but not limited to email and photostats) of the information provided in the site. I concur not to make replicas, distribute, retransmit, telecast, publish, sell or spread the contents to any individual.

Access to information contained in the site is not illegitimate under pertinent laws of the jurisdiction where I am resident and from where I am accessing this site.

The information in the site (www.ekhool.com) does not provide any offer to purchase or sell as the solicitation of an offer to buy or sell any securities of e-khool.

The information provided in the site is restricted to any kind of advertisement or a public benefaction of the securities of e-khool or any other securities.

No safety measures regulatory body or related authorities in any jurisdiction has reexamined or in any way approved or sanctioned the information on this site or the qualities of the securities that might be portrayed herein and any illustration to the converse may be interpreted as misdemeanour under applicable laws.

Ownership Rights

Numerous rights, such as Content rights, Intellectual Property Rights, ownership rights and certain services resembling Support services and Professional Services are fully hold by the company, namely Resbee Info Technologies Pvt. Ltd. The company concede that the e-khool Software provides a user interface for learning contents in different format using a series of source code, videos, images, and audios that remain owned by Company.

The materials included on website is copyrighted and secluded by universal copyright laws and treaty provisions. You must agree to obey all copyright laws worldwide for using the site in order to avert illicit copying of the Materials.

Limitation of Liability

We are not responsible to you or anyone else for any data, loss of use, goodwill, profits or any damages which may be incidental, indirect, special, consequential, or disciplinary damages whatsoever, despite causes like, losses and damages such as (a) ensuing loss of use, data, or profits, whether or not anticipated (b) On the basis of any theory of legal responsibilities like, violation of contract or guarantee, inattention or other complicated action; or (c) Arising from any other claim arising out of or in connection with usage or admittance to the Services or Software.

Conventional financial performance should not be taken into consideration for future performance as it is not inevitably suggestive for future results. Moreover, no representation or warranties is made regarding future performance as there is no declaration that any strategy will attain results that will be profitable in future.

Accounting- terms and conditions

You are liable for all activities that arise from your account. Please notify customer support instantaneously as if you turn out to be aware of any illicit usage of your account. You may not (a) Share your account details (excluding authorized account administrator) or (b) utilize account of another person. Your account administrator may utilize your account information for managing your use and access Services and Software. Significantly, we adapt the right to scrutinize and impose subscription plan limits and restrictions like right to charge for overages

User conduct

e-khool permits to scrutinize and acquire the information (“Materials”) at this Web site (“www.ekhool.com”) for their personal and non-commercial use. The users are informed that the user policies defined below must be strictly followed.

Disrupt or endeavour to disrupt the manoeuvre of the site in any way.

Infringe or attempt to infringe into the site in any way.

Upload of any obscene, libellous or infuriating materials on the site.

Obscure any materials, like the notice, which previously posted on the site.

Exercise the site or any contents in order to denigrate, threaten, infuriate or otherwise cause trouble or violate the rights of any person.

Keep hold of all copies of the downloaded Materials, all copyright, trademarks and other exclusive notices enclosed in the Materials; consent.

Not amend the Materials in any way nor replicate or display, execute, or allocate or otherwise exploit them for any public or commercial reason.

Not relocate the Materials to any other person except you grant them note of, and they agree to admit, the commitment occurring under the usage of terms and conditions.

Agree to bear all additional precincts presented on the Site as that may be updated frequently.

Software use

e-khool software is employed for the provisional usage considering users acceptance without any alteration on the enclosed terms, conditions and policies. The users intending to acquire services from e-khool refers must agree all terms, conditions and policies.

The administration team of e-khool website reserve all the privileges for changing or modifying or removing the terms, conditions and policies of the offered services including but not restricted to the charges allied with the exploitation of e-khool. e-khool may refer other products, websites, services, articles and any testimonials, but exclusive of having any control on them. Any legal responsibility on those products, services, websites, links, articles and other testimonials are not tolerated by e-khool where the contents are offered only for users expediency and thus the enclosure of these contents does not signify that those are approved by e-khool.

By means of e-khool product and its services, one can make assurance that you permit to the managing team of e-khool that e-khool will not be used by you for any reason that is illegitimate or banned by the terms, conditions and policies.

Destructing, immobilizing, overstraining or harming e-khool software and its resources in any mode or snooping with third parties are strictly prohibited. Effort to acquire any information or resources about testimonials of e-khool, and its services with a team via means other than intentionally made available or offered for download or accessed through e-khool are strictly prohibited.

e-khool comprises bulletin service details, forums, web pages, communication facilities for assisting an individual user or a group of users to speak with us and to know about the services. The user agrees to use the details and communication facilities at their own risk. Any communiqué with e-khool or with public concerning e-khool must not be disparaging, distressing, stalking, threatening or breach the legal rights like, rights of solitude and promotion of others and the team/individual belonging to e-khool as well.

Publishing, posting, distributing or disseminating unsuitable, irreverent, offensive, infringing, obscene, indecent or unlawful topic, name, material or information within the software connected with e-khool or outside e-khool relating to the contents and services of e-khool are strictly prohibited.

Privacy Policy

e-khool is susceptible to privacy related obstacles on the Internet. We think it is important to know how we preserve the information we obtained from you, on the Internet.

Alternatively, you can access e-khool on the World Wide Web without revealing who you are or without expressing any information about yourself. Our web servers accumulate the names of domain irrespective of visitors e-mail addresses. This information is collected to compute the count of visits, average time depleted on the site, and the viewed pages and so on. e-khool utilize the information to evaluate the usage of our site and to enhance the content of the site. Accessing our site indicate your unconditional consent to allocate the compilation of your domain names.

When the personal information is required, we will try to let you know at the time of collection and convey you the usage of personal information. Generally, the personal information that we acquire is only used by us for responding to the inquiry. Intermittently, we may formulate the e-mail addresses, of those who offer information, obtainable to other reputable organizations whose products or services we think you may find motivating. In some cases, you will be presented a prospect to limit the access of your information. In case, we do not obtain any response from you to limit the access of your information, it shall be deemed that you consent to such distribution of your information as mentioned above.

If you enrol with one of the business units of e-khool online, then they may utilize this information to offer you with custom information about the contribution of e-khool in support of your business needs.

Once in a while, we conduct online surveys to better understand the requirements and profile of our visitors. When we conduct a survey, we will try to let you know how we utilize the information at certain instant.

You will discover and comprehend that there is no urge on you to offer us with your personal information, but it noted that all personal information offered by you to us is with your full permission, and desire to offer such personal information. You also comprehend that we are under no compulsion to confirm the source from which the personal information about you is offered to us, and they are supposed to be granted by you, unless you express to us within a period of fifteen days from the date of providing of such information to us, to our satisfaction, that the information was provided to us without your free consent.

The website of e-khool comprises links to other sites that may include the link of our partners and affiliates. While we attempt to link only to sites that contribute to high standards and admiration for privacy, but we are not accountable for the content or the privacy practices adapted by other sites.

Refund Policy

Our e-khool standard ensures the full payment for participation in a Program during the user registration. The user is responsible for checking the accuracy of the program enrolled-in and evaluates the relevancy and suitability of the enrolled program. Kindly, make sure that the program once enrolled is non-transferable.

Users are suggested to have effective internet access and a valid payment mode in order to pay for any program or any services or products offered by e-khool through the Platform. We assure that payments done through credit card or any other modes are highly confidential as e-khool never stores your credit card or any other credentials restricted by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) for processing payment. Additionally, e-khool has partnered with payment gateways for your payments towards the services.

Meanwhile, users agree that when e-khool’s third-party payment provider stores any kind of your credentials, e-khool will not be responsible for such storage, and it will be solely at your discretion to allow the third party to store the credentials. Under such circumstances, any kind of information-loss or any other losses incurred by you as a cause of misusing your credentials from the third-party payment provider will be solely a loss incurred by you.

We keep changing and improving our services constantly through adding or removing the functions, features, or requirements, and in addition, there is a possibility for suspending or stopping a service altogether. Accordingly, e-khool may terminate any of your undertaken service irrespective of any reason. Upon termination of your paid Service, refunding options may be available as assessed on a per case basis solely at the discretion of e-khool.

Users need to abide with our Terms, Privacy Policy, and any other applicable policies or agreements between us, or any applicable laws. Upon violation of any terms or policies, e-khool stops your access to our Services. In this regard, we may further take any such necessary action, including legal recourse and removal of any non-compliant information shared by you.

We never entertain refunding the payment under any circumstances and no request for fee refund is accepted.

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