Al-hiba is the seasoned health care and business experts with the wide variety of experience in both the clinical sciences and the travel and hospital industry. Al-hiba partners are the best industry that provides better experience in the International health standards. However, it is more reliable professionally managed healthcare system, morally and ethically inclined, proven track record, senior most consultants with the clinical experience and leading scientific.

Challenges faced in clinical training

The recent report shows the importance of clinical training and the issues faced while converting recent discoveries into the clinical practice and the public health interventions, termed as knowledge transfer. Al-hiba is used in the procedure of knowledge transfer between clinical professionals. The workload in the public hospitals and the average size of medical class has contends with the large volume of load in teaching and the clinical care.

Al-hiba faces some issues in both the clinical learning and the academic learning process. However, the cultural implications and the contextuality are intended to connect with professional from urban location to beginners for making advance in the learning methodology. A major problem associated is that busy schedule and to find the difficulty in frequently visiting the local area.

Most of the academic staff in the Al-hiba location conducted a research related to their practice such that very few are included in developing and the testing public health interventions that contributed to public health systems. However, this lack of connection among health system and the academia in the location generates creates the environment where the knowledge transfer was properly carried out between the professional irrespective of location.

Solution offered through online learning management system

With the e-khool lms software, they intended to explore the experiences of nursing students for online learning of Al-hiba. The major role of online learning enabled for Al-hiba was not only to analyze individual teaching performance or the academic achievement, but also it considers the practical applications of learning and online teaching by means of equipped knowledge transfer scenario.

Advance learning content delivery:

The advanced learning content delivery provided by the e-khool software integrates the learners of Al-hiba to earn competitive and the cognitive skills in clinical industry. However, the development of clinical decision making skills and reasoning skill of traditional knowledge reflected by the academic scores are highly attained by e-khool lms that reports more advancement in delivering the content.

AI-based analytics:

AI-based analytic of e-khool LMS brings the opportunity to find the learner preference as well as customized delivery of contents. However, the customized material and the preference offered by the e-khool system help the learners of Al-hiba to enhance their knowledge and to understand their negative and positive strength.

Exam hall:

The AI-based exam hall brings the opportunity in designing good clinician such that the clinician has more confidence in the schedule through online mode of examination. Al-hiba enjoys the exam portal provided by e-khool to analyze the learner’s performance.

Client testimonial

The e-khool system is more beneficial in the clinical environment. The issues faced in the clinical practice at earlier days are resolved by the e-khool system, by providing the virtual environment for the learners to improve their knowledge transfer. e-khool is highly effective, as it satisfies the expertise of learners.