Hindustan HR

Hindustan HR is the initiative that provides more strength to the youth of country in the view of skill sets, which ensure effective product in the environment. However, the success of nation is always based on success of youth such that the Hindustan HR brings more benefits and offers different opportunity to young Indians. The Hindustan HR is not limited to domestic market, but it is engage the countries all over world for promoting geographical experience and provide opportunity in international market.

Challenges faced in skill training

The Hindustan HR faces some struggle in the skill training process due to the issues faced during COVID pandemic.

  • Dispersed workforce: The steady and the decentralized workforce results a challenging task in the training and development scenario. In the geographically distributed workforce, training of Hindustan HR was quite difficult due to common misunderstandings, and the inconsistent training resulted because of cultural differences. For example, most of the cultures were less comfortable being vocal on the online forums when compared with others.
  • Different learning habits: The Hindustan HR required perfect solution in order to give more attention to the learners. This might need learner preferences and their habits for solving further training issues.
  • Finding right tools: With the development of number of tools for online forums, webinars, and video conferences, to select more sophisticated tool for ensuring trust is more challenge.
  • Engagement: Hindustan HR expect more practical learning actions, such as role plays, scenarios, and case studies that are relatable to the training. However, these actions engage the learners in problem solving that effectively contribute towards enhanced cognitive engagement.

Solution offered through online learning management system

e-khool lms considers discussion forums as well as other informal live online spaces in order to interact casually with the learners. However, it encouraged the learners to emotionally engage with other learners and with training process.

e-khool software is the effective user-friendly interface (UI) such that it offered better user experience for the learners not only with the learners who struggle with technology. Here, downloading the assignment or pausing the video was very easy and it was more straightforward.

e-khool software is more compatible with various tools, such as discussion forums that make the learners more easy to ask queries and receive both the technical and content guidance.

The e-khool software integrated various content types, such as graphics, written notes and video to provide different learning preferences and to conduct surveys after performing the training process for finding that what the learners found most useful and where the training program requires refining.

Client testimonial

With the e-khool software, the Hindustan HR gained more benefit for the attention of learners by providing the facilities what the learners expecting. The learners experience full satisfaction with the use of this learning software, as it provides more beneficial in casually interacting with the learners.