LMS Software - Technology

Resbee-AI develops rich applications for AI research to solve real-world business problems, which augment your intelligence. Our AI application assists you to discover the optimal path to move forward in your learning skills. New technologies are developed from the application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes, especially in industry, companies, and educational institutions.

LMS Mobile application

Mobile application powered LMS platform augments the user’s preferences with personalized content delivery for an immersive experience. Mobile application of Ekhool becomes your Brand Ambassador by offering seamless experiences with their ability to work Offline and Online.

LMs Web application

Web-based platform allow the learners to enjoy the gamified learning with the cross platform based responsive design that can offer the flexible content visualization for social media and e-commerce website. The advanced web technology integrated within e-khool brings nearly all the benefits of a desktop application and can be accessible anywhere, anytime, using a broad range of devices.

LMS Admin panel

Based on the real-world application of admin panel and depending on the capacity of admin console, clients can perform any control function such as setting up user permissions, keeping track of new sign ups and active users to managing content, checking browse stats, sending notifications, etc. which allows the clients to interact with one another by adding their content in different groups.

React Native

Mobile Android

Our android app assists our clients to learn the course in easy manner, which helps to deliver and manage online training courses, with instructor-led training. Since, Android has become world-wide popular and ideal choice for users due to its flexibility, adaptability and ease of usage.

Mobile iOS

Apps in mobile iOS are easy to access, since it is user-friendly interface and easy finding information whenever and wherever they want.

Mobile windows

LMS in Mobile windows enables the learners to access courses at anytime, provides updated content at all time, quick navigation with Easy-to-Use Interface, Better Knowledge Retention, and Self-Analysis encourages learners to Perform Better.


Our E-Learning platform is compatible with desktop/Windows and it is ease of access and integration, assessment and testing, & reporting and tracking.


E-Learning platform in desktop/Linux are flexible & user-friendly to our clients, which is ideal for compliance training, on boarding training, and workplace safety training.


Apps in tablets assist our learners to stay up to date with ever-changing world, and cheaper alternative to textbooks, and simple way for work-related tasks due to its screen size and portability.

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