e-khool - LMS Backend Features

Best LMS Backend Features

The backend of the LMS software comprises instructors and administrators. The e-khool learning management system is the technology friendly LMS that makes the backend users more congenial in working. The administrator provides the entire control over the learning management system, and the trainer manages part of the backend control.

Admin Panel: The admin portal of the learning management system acts as the master control that has the authorization for creating a new program and assigning the respective faculty to conduct the program. For instance, the admin portal is accessed by the dean/ coordinator for the online program in a company/organization. Besides, the admin panel has the capacity of the admin console, clients can perform any control functions, such as setting up user permissions, keeping track of new sign-ups and active users to managing content, checking to browse stats, sending notifications, etc., which allows the clients to interact with one another by adding their content in different groups.

Trainer portal: The faculty portal provides guidelines for academic aspects and learning issues, for instance, assessments outcome and grading criteria standards in the learning management system. It also provides information on learner accommodation and access directly for uploading tests and exams. The trainer portal in the online learning platform can program upcoming exams and tests with details, such as tools permitted during the exam. Practical information is provided to facilitate their work by pertaining to all the trainers. The copies of trainer notification letters for the learners are viewed by trainers provided by the trainer portal.

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