e-khool - Learning App for the Next Learning Platform

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Learning application of e-khool becomes the Brand Ambassador by offering seamless experiences with their ability to work Offline and Online. The online learning app is the online learning platform for students who do not have physical classroom access. Online fun learning makes the student learn the concept easily. The attendance and the performance tracking system of the learning management system helps to track the student's performance. Besides, the learning app through the LMS is cost and time-effective.

Enhanced Interaction and novel techniques: The group learning facility provided by e-khool enhances the interaction tendency of the learners in the online learning platform. The online LMS provides the puzzles, games, and similar challenging task that stimulates the brain cells to metabolize the input unleashing a new perspective actively. The trainers clarify the queries of the learners through the interactive section.

Relaxed learning: The availability of application in offline provides the relaxed learning for the e-khool learners. The online lecture videos, audio, and documents are available throughout the learning period without any schedules and can be revisited whenever necessary; hence, it paves the way for relaxed learning. The instant updates regarding the course are also available in the LMS software online academy.

Tracking progress: The learner's progress is tracked through the analytic tool of the e-khool learning app in the LMS platform. Through this, the position of the learner is analyzed, and the lacking skills can also be improved.

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