What are examples of LMS? What are popular LMS? What is the best free LMS software?

The popular examples of LMS includes

  1. e-khool

    e-khool is an advanced online learning management system which permits the educators to effortlessly make their courses into online. AI-Powered platform bring 100+ features and can easily manage their courses with ease using dashboard.
  2. Schoology

    The Schoology app helps to build their lessons and posts daily assignments and reminders amongst the students. The assignments involve discussion and quizzes sessions.
  3. Kadenze

    It is an LMS which has several partner institutions that organize collectively to attain one platform. It provides college-level education.
  4. Open edX

    It facilitates you to host and install your own branded course inspite of creating a new one.
  5. Moodle

    It prioritizes social learning and its interface can be personalized to resemble popular social tools.
  6. EthosCE

    EthosCE LMS refers education regarding the health professionals. Learners utilize LMS for sharing the experience of learning using social media channels like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

Top companies choose e-khool to build in-demand online academy.
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