LMS software - FEATURES

Multiple Content

The best contents can re-used on several courses, and also, this can be improved by importing valuable materials from the web.


Activities of all kinds of archived system are reviewed and accessed using audit logs, and the custom reports are produced within the portal on any object, user or action.


A valuable organizational benefit is identified by the thoughtful plan and inclusion of the company’s colors, logos, and other markers into an overall visual theme. Organization’s values are integrated to provide a terrific chance to reinforce what’s main vital to the company.

Web standards

According to modern web standards, the latest development technology is built.

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RPA College
Dr. P. Vijaya

Course friendly

Assessments Engine: All results with extensive reports give the native support for various kinds of quiz, tests, and questions. Survey engine: The helpful information on employee commitment and efficiency of courses are collected to conduct custom surveys between users. In-Depth learning style: The information which is provided by the organization is focused on where the learners are engaged in conflict and what theme they need more-in-depth instruction.

Learning friendly

Blended learning: Learner’s commitment is improved by combining instructor-led training and content of eLearning with the teleconference. Curriculums: Package related courses are included in this curriculum to assign with branches and users. Rich communication tools: It gives an assist to calendars, internal email, comments, and discussion forums.

Enterprise friendly

Skills: Courses and curriculums are assigned to develop their track closely, depending on the trainees’ exact skills. 24*7: The customers can purchase any products beneficially on every occasion they desire whether it is midnight or early morning. Skill gap testing: Its analysis and tests are used to detect the weakness of the employee’s and according to their requirements; the path of their learning is redesigned.


Real-life scenarios: The similar kinds of engagement are offered with the solutions of Custom eLearning by offering real-life scenarios which are appropriate to the learner’s jobs. A connection with the content drives learners to be encouraged to learn and improves retention. Alignment with values: By choosing a custom solution, the courseware is allowed to align with the value of the company. Thus custom eLearning is modified with the precise needs of learning. Learning efficiency: Unless the theme is very common, and when off-the-shelf training is purchase, then you’re expected to obtain information that doesn’t apply to the learners. This excess learning is nothing but a waste of time, and it can impact the bottom line. The advantage of the custom learning is to deliver accurately what the learners require to know that is nothing more, nothing less.

Technology friendly

Competence: Comparing the business with the additional mortar and brick, the cost is very low for development. A few licenses can start online business. Dynamic applicability: Mobile applications are helped to reinforce the learning while the forum is used to increase the amount of interaction and engagement between learners. This improves the time. Website Builder: Through user-friendly site-builder and powerful, a modern multi-page website for eLearning portal is build. On-demand learning: The solutions of custom eLearning provide the opportunity for on-demand learning by delivering the most applicable information. Thus retention and engagement increase while the students took information when they are mainly accessible to it.


User interface: Design responsive and visuals of retina-ready are for smooth user experience on any system or size of the screen. Scalability: Organizational structure is developed to match and adapt all sizes of workforce and requirements in training and designed in a scalable manner. Convenience & Easiness: The great thing about this is buying options that are convenient, user-friendly, and quick with the capability to transfer online funds. Because of its convenience, clients can save lots of time and money by searching their products easily and makes an online purchase. Compatibility: Prepared to installed on Windows distributions and Linux and completely compatible with all modern browsers.